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AB16 Quick Color Change Airbrush (0.35mm Nozzle)
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Product ID:AB16

AB16    Quick Color Change Airbrush

1. Unique gravity-feed airbrush enable quick color change in seconds.
2. External mix
3. No need to clean airbrush between color changes.
4. Easy paint filling and recycling and storage for next time use.
5. Save space for multi colors use at the same time.
6. Save cost for multi colors use at the same time.
7. Save time and no waste.
8. Adjustable paint flow and spray patterns.
9. Easy maintenance.
10. Patented in many countries.

                                Action:   Single Action
                                Feed Type: Top Gravity..
                                Nozzle Size: 0.35 mm
                                Fluid Capacity: 15 cc
                                Spray Width: 1.8mm to 25mm
                                Weight: 135g
                                Length: 85mm
                                Working Pressure: 10~60 psi

                                Required air supply: 1/8 HP Mini compressor

You can see our quick colors change airbrush video on the YOUTUBE as below:

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